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Cindy Rzasa Bess, Ph.D.  and The Bess Choice!

Cindy Rzasa Bess is a Developmental Psychologist, Education Consultant, Author, nationally recognized Professional Speaker and popular Keynote Presenter. Her business is aptly named, The Bess Choice!  The original scope of this endeavor was to provide Early Childhood Education Consulting Services to care settings and learning programs serving children from birth to five years in the state of Connecticut.  Over time, her business expanded to include a professional and motivational speaking platform supporting early childhood educarers and educators in the burgeoning early education market.  Based on her varied professional experiences as a College Instructor at the Undergraduate level, an Early Child Educator, an Infant and Toddler Caregiver, the Director of a Nursery School, an ECERS-R Trainer and Rater,  and an ITERS rater, Cindy developed over ninety workshops to offer her insight into: the growing young child; the role of the teacher in the learning experience; optimal care settings and classroom environments;curriculum and its goals and objectives; social and emotional development; supporting children with special needs and circumstances; and,  interpersonal dynamics and interactions.  In addition, she developed thirty education programs to support parents of young children in a changing world, specifically focusing on typical growth and development, family dynamics, the role of temperament in a child's approach to the social world, effective communication, positive discipline/guidance, and stress management. Simply stated, Cindy’s extensive expertise rests in the areas of early/middle child development, early childhood education, family dynamics, and parenting. 

Consider Cindy's …

  • Public speaking -- Take a break from the stress of your home and/or work life, and invite Cindy to speak with your care/teaching staff or parent group.  Her blend of sound advice and simple truth, her intuitive understanding of the issues at hand, as well as her personal warmth and humor make the content both meaningful and interesting, which make the time fly.

  • Education Consulting Service --  A wide array of options are provided to programs seeking an Early Childhood Education Consultant via The Bess Choice! including administrative support, curriculum procurement, classroom and/or child observations, staff training and parent education/advisement.

  • Books --  In 2009, Cindy authored a book for Early Childhood Educarers and Educators that synthesizes her professional and personal experience, entitled, The View from the Little Chair in the Corner: Improving Teacher Practice and Early Childhood Learning (2009) New York: Teachers College Press. 


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