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Family Facilitating with Cindy

Do you find that what you do with one child does not work with your other children?  

Are there days when you don't know which way is up?  

Don't you wish your children came with manuals?

Children are all different.  They have their own temperaments, personalities, skills, talents, strengths, and weaknesses.  It's important to appreciate each child for who he or she is, but also understand typical child development and learn about family dynamics, so that all family members can have optimal lives.  Everyone could use a little help and practical advice every now and then.  Why not let me help?   

I, Cindy Rzasa Bess, Ph.D., am a Developmental Psychologist, with a master’s degree in clinical psychology.  

Family Facilitating is an educational program that is both private and personal for parents of young families. 


A one-hour Individualized consultation is available for one or both parents/partners for $175.00.  This is NOT therapeutic intervention.  No insurance is accepted. 

To directly schedule an appointment, contact me, Cindy, at

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