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The Bess Choice! Early Childhood Education Consulting Service

If your early care or learning program is seeking an Early Childhood Education Consultant, give Cindy a call.  With twenty plus years of experience in this role, as well as her previous perspectives as an infant/toddler educarer, preschool teacher, nursery school director, ITERS/ECERS rater, and parent, Cindy will provide to your staff a deep, abiding knowledge of the young child and the early education process.  Unlike many consultants in the E.C.E. field (who come from an Education background) Cindy is a Developmental Psychologist.  As a result, she places greater value on the experience of the individual child and outcomes that benefit the children in the program over the broader education process. Take a look at the wide range of options listed below and then design an Education Consultant partnership that best suits your program. 

                                                                             Proposal for Education Consultant Role
Within an agreed upon time frame, Cindy Rzasa Bess, Ph.D. will agree to visit the school to provide the following educational support: conduct an annual review of policies and in-service education programs; as well as perform one or more of the tasks listed below within the assigned hourly time frame (as defined and agreed upon under a subsequent contract): 
I. Provide support and guidance to the Child Care Program Director on the following:

  • Child Development expectations and concerns

  • Program planning

  • Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum Development.

  • Staffing

  • Parent communication

  • Licensing and Accreditation

  • Director’s concerns or questions

II. General Classroom Observation.
          Observe and assess the staff in order to provide feedback to the Director on:           

  • Internal team relations and cooperative teaching styles

  • Staff rapport with children and parents

  • Curriculum implementation

  • Overall flow of the Infant, Ones, Twos, Threes, Fours or Fives program

III. Child Observation.


  • Observe specific children with parent permission to ascertain if additional services may be necessary.

  • Provide guidance and possible strategies to staff on effective management of behavioral problems or assist in developing efficacious approaches to learning issues.

IV. Educational Staff support and training

  • Provide direct written feedback to the staff about classroom observations.

  • Conduct a pre-assessment of individual classrooms (informal ECERS-R observation) once the preschool program begins the formal NAEYC Accreditation process.

  • Meet with individual teachers or teams, when requested by team or Director.

  • Provide ONE in-service training program for the overall staff or sub-groups for contracts with eight or less contracted hours, and a maximum of TWO in-service training seminars/workshops for the overall staff or sub-groups per contract agreement period of nine or more hours.


IV. ONE Seminar for Parents (on ONE topic to be decided by Director and Staff).
V. General Parent support.


  • Meet with parents over coffee and have an informal meeting to answer questions and provide support (1 hour)       - OR-

  • Meet with parents in a small monthly discussion group around a specific topic or age-range (1 hour)

On-site visits can be scheduled for either a ninety (90) minutes or a two-hour blocks.  The number of visits can range from thrice annually to once a month over a year (or more).  Fee for services is based on an hourly rate of $150.00.
Thus, the fee for four 90-minute visits is $900; six 90-minute visits is $1350; ten 90 minute visits, once a month during the standard ten month school year, is $2250; and twelve 90-minute visits is $2700.  For four two-hour visits, the fee is $1200; six two-hour visits is $1800; ten two-hour visits, once a month during the standard September - June school year, is $3000; and twelve 90-minute visits is $3600.
For program’s contracting with Cindy Rzasa Bess  Ph.D., for one of the above outlined Education Consulting service packages, these additional services for hire, if needed:


  • Formal Presentation to your Educational Staff (on topic to be decided by Director and Staff). Those in attendance at presentation will  be provided a certificate of attendance to fulfill Connecticut Licensing requirements for professional development.  The fee for each presentation: $375.00 for a ninety-minute presentation including Q/A.  (Please note: Standard fee for a ninety-minute presentation is $475).  The fee for each presentation: $475.00 for two-hour presentation including Q/A.  (Please note: Standard fee for a two-hour presentation is $550.)

  • Formal Parent Education (on topic to be decided by Director) This can be done in conjunction with the School’s Open House night or separately.  The fee for each presentation: $375.00 for a ninety-minute presentation including Q/A.  (Please note: Standard fee for a ninety-minute presentation is $475.)

Additional Hourly services beyond the agreed upon monthly time frame: $150 per hour. 

 Cindy Rzasa Bess, Ph.D.

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