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The Bess Choice! Teaching U.

Workshops for Educators

The mission of The Bess Choice! is to provide educational information in the areas of child development, early childhood education, parenting, and interpersonal relationships, to all individuals who work with young children, so that warm, supportive and nurturing learning opportunities can be offered that ultimately build, strengthen, and enhance the social and emotional development, language ability, cognitive skills and personal growth of young children. 

All workshops can be tailored to a program's needs.  The length of seminars and/or workshops can range from ninety-minutes to two-hours in length, with a question and answer period built in.  The fee for any of the program's listed below, is $475.00 for ninety-minutes and $575.00 for two hours.

The Bess Choice! Teaching U.

Informational Seminars and Workshops fo​r Educators

Developmental Programs:

• TWOs are Terrific- NOT Terrible!

• I’m THREE- What can you expect of me?

• Now I’m FOUR – I know I can do MORE!

• I am FIVE- There’s so much to try!

• Typical Five-Year-Olds- Ready to Enter School

• Expectations – Children from birth to five

• Kindergarten Readiness- It’s more than knowing the ABCs 

• Assess the WHOLE Child- School Readiness Does NOT Just Mean Academic Skill

• Understanding the School Age Child- A Different Bunch

Communication and Language:

• How to Speak with a Child  

• Making Sense of Language Development in the Early Years

• Think Before You Speak - I Can Hear You!

• Talk WITH me- Not AT me! The Importance of Effective Dialogue and Communication


• Here I am! Socialize Me!

• Social and Emotional Development – More than Hugs and Smiles

• I’m not being difficult- I’m being ME!

• Are You My Friend? Friendships in Preschool

• Fostering Self- Confidence and a Sense of Personal Worth in Children

• Where Do I Fit In? Understanding and providing for individual differences in the E.C.E. setting

• I Need Support! Coping Effectively with Childhood Stress and Fears

• Talking to our Children during Stressful Times.

• Stress in Children: The impact of parental pressure to excel and perform

• Stress and Our Little People… Over-programming Our Kids

• Raising our Future Leaders- Instilling Character

• Raising Altruistic Children: The Role of Prosocial Environments

• The Role of Societal Violence and its Affect on a Child’s Sense of Self

• The Resilient Child

• Enabling a Child to Self-Regulate

Effective Teacher:

• ‘Positivism’ in the Classroom – Respect, Care and Kindness can go a long way!

• Being a Teacher- The Role of Power and Authority

• Intentional Teaching – Preparing for a Great Day In the Early Childhood Setting

• Start from a Place of Peace- Soothing Music, Deep Breathing, Calm Teacher

Classroom Management:

• Setting the Limits- Setting the Tone

• Discipline & Setting Limits- Just Another Way to Guide Behavior

• How to Work with a Challenging Child

• Conflict Resolution: Empowering Children to Use Effective Social Skills

• Winning a Child’s Cooperation- A Win-Win for ALL

• Effectively Coping with Bullying Behavior

• My Actions have Consequences: Learning to Think Through Behaviors in Advance

• Teaching Social Problem Solving to Children

Observation and Assessment:

• Understanding the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale – An Overview

• The Wise behind the Whys – Best Practice in the ECE classrooms.

• ECERS – Understanding and Improving Health and Safety

• ECERS – Effective and Empathetic Interactions between Adults and Children.

• ECERS - Providing a Center Based Program

• ECERS- Room Arrangement and Setting up the Environment 


• Developmentally Appropriate Practice – What is it?

• The Importance of Play in the Learning Process- Keeping the child in childhood

• Creating a Center Based Curriculum

• Early Childhood Classrooms- Optimizing the Environment and the Experience

• There is More to Math than Numbers- Teaching math and number to young children

• The Process of Art- Making Tools for Play

• Art-Smart from the Start

• Turn the Page and Engage- Language and Literacy in the Early Childhood Classroom

• Literacy through Play - More than Words

• Concepts about Print – Building Literacy Skill

• From Scribbles to Words- Emergent Writing in the Preschool Classroom

• Preschool Science – A Natural Approach

• Incorporating Multiculturalism - Without being a tourist!

• Reggio Emilia – The Project Approach

• Learning Styles in Childhood

• Strategies for Success: Making meaningful connections that work!

• Emergent Curriculum from Birth to Five

• The Role of Executive Functioning in the Learning Process of Young Children 

Theoretical Programs:

• Building with Erikson’s Blocks: Trust, Autonomy & Initiative

• Piaget: The Early Years

• EQ in the Classroom

• Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences

• Creating a Program Using Multiple Intelligences

Creating Effective Partnerships:

• Creating a Respectful Caring Community

• Creating Positive Partnerships - Teachers & Parents

• Team Building- Creating a Team You Would Want to be a Part of

• Effective Team Management in the ECE setting- Cooperation and Delineation

• It Takes a Village to Create a Leader

• Understanding Parents - Respecting the Other Adult-Child Relationship

Children with Special Needs and Circumstances:

• Focus on My ABILITIES- Gifts Brought to the Group by the Child with Special Needs

• Understanding the Child with Special Needs from His or Her Perspective

• I am not Disabled- I am a Child

• High Spirited or Hyperactive?

• Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Connections that work in the classroom

• Keeping a Positive Focus - Appreciating the gifts brought to the classroom by all of the children

• Autism - Understanding What It Is and Knowing What to Do in the Early Childhood Classroom Setting

• Creating an Advocacy Partnership -Assisting and Socially Supporting Families of Children with Special Needs

• Child’s Comprehension of Death and Loss

• Understanding Grief Reactions and the Importance of Social Support

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